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Angelique Ashton is a woman on a mission. A wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend. An activist, an idealist, a humanitarian, a world changer. A diva. An artist. A beauty queen. And a lover of all things sparkly.

She got her start in the local fashion scene in 2010, showing a collection of rhinestone adorned corsets with fluffy ballgown tu tu skirts at Sugar does Seattle, a Mad Girl Productions fashion show. Her first ever collection was inspired by the mission of empowerment for female artists that this particular show itself represented. She then went on to intern with the traveling show after her debut as a designer, helping to coordinate their nationwide tour. She has been quoted as saying she will never forget the night of that first show and the overwhelming feeling of having found her place in the world that she received as the Seattle fashion community welcomed her into their ranks. 


After showing in several local fashion shows, she decided to produce one herself, and launched BeDecked! A multi-faceted show that ran for two years and included elements of fashion, burlesque, drag, and collaboration among artists.  


When her husband was injured at work by exposure to industrial solvents, her aspirations moved toward making a difference in the fight against chemical injury. In 2015, she launched The Naked Project, aimed at providing resources and information to those affected, as well as educating the public on how to prevent chemical injury. 


Another avenue in which she carries out her mission of raising awareness about MCS and preventing chemical injury is through participation in pageantry. Angelique is dedicated to using the attention garnered by wearing a crown to shine light on this important issue for our time.  

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