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Angelique Ashton's husband is a member of a community of people injured by chemicals, who live with a condition known as MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). Over the years, learning to live with this condition, they have amassed a wide base of knowledge that they now use to support the community as a resource to those newer in their MCS journey. 


In 2015, Angelique Ashton founded The Canary Project as an advocacy and awareness organization, and as her permanent platform in pageantry. 


Sufferers of MCS are often referred to as canaries, after the tiny birds once carried into coal mines to warn workers of toxic fumes - because they are the first warning sign for all of us of the dangers of toxins in every day modern life. The Canary Project’s mission is to create a society that is as safe for the chemically sensitive as it is for everyone else, and to prevent chemical injuries while preserving consumer freedoms, through grass-roots consumer education, strategic partnerships and inspired action. 

We are provocative, innovative and passionate in our work to raise public awareness of toxins in  products, point people to safe alternatives and leave the world a healthier place than we found it. The Canary Project hosts local events and leads several awareness campaign projects each year to shine a light on MCS. 


Click here to visit The Canary Project website

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