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Marketing, Graphic Design & Copywriting Portfolio

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Real Estate

Through real life hands-on experience and learning from working alongside some of the industry's best Marketers and Graphic Designers, I have honed my skills in graphic design and copywriting for real estate.


I'm known for innovative ideas and my design aesthetic has been described as "painterly" - visually telling a story through easy to understand maps, 3D building sketches, and photo-realistic concept renderings. My writing style is flexible and adaptable, ranging from highly technical to casual and even witty.

My eye for the best angles, colors and balance allows me to pair practical graphic design skills with 20 + years of real estate knowledge and a natural writing talent to craft marketing pieces for my clients that truly show their property, or the company, in the best possible light. 

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Brand Guidelines Book for redevelopment and rebrand of the Everett Mall property in Everett, WA. Project scope was everything from designing the logo and selecting the color palette to writing detailed brand story and element descriptions.

Video Production

Video editing using Adobe Premier Pro, and frame animation using Photoshop to produce this promo for my own jewelery line. 

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Everything Else

From logo and full brand design to event planning and production to digital art to physical and wearable art, I dabble in it all. An insatiable need to constantly be creating defines my existence. 



As a former Executive Fashion Editor for Seattle's first fashion magazine, contributed monthly editorial articles.

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