Ms. World Pageant Pre-Party

It was a fun girls night out at the pre-party for the Ms. World Pageant. I hadn't been out in a while. 

On The Scene                                                                 The Naked Life

2018 Beauty Brand Believe Expo 

Welcome to episode 1 of On the Scene with the Naked Beauty Queen! In this episode I take you into the Northwest's premier pageant expo for a full day of rubbing elbows with top pageant queens and delegates. 

2018 Global Beauty Awards

Episode 2 of On the Scene brings you live to the red carpet at the first annual Global Beauty Awards - the Oscars of pageantry! Meet all the glamorous and sparkly guests as they arrive for this evening honoring the accomplishments of all those in the pageant industry, from hair and make up artists to photographers to gown designers.  

What is Orgonite?


Talking about this stuff I've just recently discovered - #orgonite. Its a super cool science meets metaphysical substance that makes awesome positive energy generating jewelry . . . which I will soon be selling on Etsy!

Natural Pet Stuff

Meet my kitty Maverick Tiberious Ashton and allow us to show some of the great all natural pet products he uses.

Van Detox Process

I have been documenting the whole process of detoxifying the van and making it safe for someone with MCS to live in. We are happy to be able to share lessons we learn as we go through this that might help others in their van builds and/or van detoxing! 

Video Blog

Follow the journey . . .

Chemical Matrix Talk at 21 Acres

Not exactly a standard five minute video blog entry, but this was a very important day in the evolution of my public speaking career. I was so excited to be invited to give this talk at the wonderful 21 Acres organic farm and event facility in Woodinville, and so grateful for my curious and engaged audience. 

We Bought a Van


Let me give you a little tour of our brand new Chevy City Express van! We are exploring the possibility of living a more mobile lifestyle for a year or so, seeing some of this great country and having some adventures we can laugh about when we're old. #Vanlife for the Ashtons? we'll see.

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How I make my own hairspray

Fun D.I.Y. project for the day: making homemade, chemical free hairspray! and demonstrating its hold power with a simple side bun up-do

The Naked Life Premier

In the first episode, I talk about why I decided I needed to start blogging about my life at home. 

Sustainable Fashion

This is a subject that's been weighing heavy on my heart lately, because I am just as guilty as the next girl of supporting the worst companies contributing to all the bad stuff you hear about when it comes to the production of fast, cheap clothes. 

Awareness Photoshoot with Vogmask


I partnered with Vogmask to create some images to help destigmatize mask wearing for people who need to live their lives this way. Check out the behind the scenes. 

Photo Credits: Dean Hobson, Beyond Photography by Laura Hunter, Seven of Hearts Photography, Teresa Potter Photography, Hami Bahadori, Shutter Eye Images, Brad Cole Photography, Art by Leonhardt, Teresa Potter,

Mike Adams, John Martinotti and Christopher Chapman

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